what is AZ 900 certification

what is AZ 900 certification?

what is AZ 900 certification

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  • Introduction
  • What is Microsoft Azure?
  • What is AZ-900 certification?
  • How to get AZ-900 certification?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


We are surrounded by data all the time. The production and consumption of data and information have increased at an incomprehensible speed. We as a civilization, have reached a stage where we consider data to be the most powerful thing in the world. A nation that works on the skill-building of its population, will always remain ahead in the international community. India saw the highest jump in the production of IT companies and skilled IT workers. Our young population is contributing to the world of science and tech. More than 25 of the biggest tech companies have Indian-origin CEOs including Alphabet and Microsoft.

This is just the worldwide companies we are talking about. India has created a mind-boggling number of start-ups in the last decade. Many of them are now becoming successful Unicorn companies. Now, if we take the Indian economy as a case study, most of our biggest tech companies today, are using cloud technology to create business and employment all around the world. This has turned India into the fastest-growing economy in the world. In the past decade, with the help of these firms and start-ups, India has jumped from being the 11th largest economy (in terms of GDP) to the 5th largest economy. Leaving behind our old captors, the British.

Today, Azure takes second place as the most renowned cloud platform in the world.
Today with this article, we will uncover the basics of Azure and what certifications Microsoft Azure has to offer. So, let’s dive in for some amazing information;

What is Microsoft Azure?

A highly reputable IT enterprise in the world, Microsoft, created the cloud computing platform known as Azure. For obvious reasons, it was previously known as Windows Azure. To individuals or firms who need them, this platform provides a wide choice of cloud and online solution possibilities. Since more than a decade ago, Microsoft has been offering web facilities, and their popularity grows till now.

Ranking at the second spot, after AWS is Azure as a platform, according to some recent data. This demonstrates that Microsoft is still among the leading tech vendors. When it comes to the facilities offered by Azure, it supports companies and organizations with web-based educations including cloud storage, information databases, networking, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many more.

What is AZ-900 certification?

Azure’s foundational philosophies like cloud computing, web facilities, security, privacy, acquiescence and pricing, are all comprised in this certification. The assurance of the rudimentary knowledge of Cloud technology, which every budding developer should learn to succeed in the field of IT facilities. With this certification, any IT worker’s resume can become appealing to employers. Giving our youth a better chance for their future.

Given that it gives readers a firm grasp of the elementary ideas and jargon, it is a fantastic place to start for people curious about Microsoft Azure and career opportunities.
The certification for the AZ-900 is primarily popular because of the following reasons;

  1. Starts from the core: It provides an imperative comprehension of cloud tech, making it apt for beginners to the Azure ecosystem.
  2. Your career with AZ-900: This certificate is a goldmine for people who want to work in the Cloud industry or jobs linked to Azure.
  3. Helps in creating informed corporate decisions: It enables executives and decision-makers to learn more about Azure facilities and their possible uses inside the enterprise.

Mentioned above is just a small list for you to understand what the AZ-900 certificate can mean for your career. Now, let us understand how we can get the AZ-900 certification.

How to get certified?

The basics are simple, choose the certification as your target, study the required material, sit for the exam, pass the exam with flying colors and you’re done. But there are some things to consider before starting your preparation:
You can take the following actions to get the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, AZ-900:

Registration would be the first step (obvio): Register for the AZ-900 test by going to the official Microsoft certification website. On the Microsoft certification website or with a licensed exam provider, you may sign up directly for the exam.

  1. Prepare for the worst so you can be the best: Review the exam’s goals and the suggested learning materials Microsoft has supplied to get ready for the test. Online courses, documents, and books are just a few of the accessible study resources. Also, if you need offline classes to clear the exam, you can join our Microsoft Azure training in Chandigarh for exam preparation.
  2. Know the enterprise before you learn the course: Review the official material and whitepapers for Azure to have a better knowledge of the principles and facilities it offers.
  3. Mock tests for preparation: Use practice papers to gauge your awareness and pinpoint any areas that may require more study.
  4. Schedule your exam: When you feel ready, book the AZ-900 exam for a time and date that work for you.
  5. Achieve success: If you manage to clear the test, Microsoft will send you an email and upload your credential on the credential board.

Follow these steps, and nobody can stop you from having a successful IT career with the AZ-900 certificate. This will ensure you a great job as well as an amazing future.


AZ-900 can easily be your new project. Merely, having this certification in your resume will increase your chances of getting a high-paying job in India or any other country.


Q. What is the future of cloud computing?
A. Cloud computing is not just the future, but the present as well. All the major companies in the world have either already shifted to cloud computing or are planning to shift very soon.
Q. Is AZ-900 good for me?
A. If you are in the IT industry, then it can be amazing for you as it is recognised all over the world.
Q. Will it help me in my career?
A. Yes, AZ-900 certification is popular and is accepted as proof of excellence in all the major companies.
Q. What are the qualifications required to get AZ-900 certification?
A. As per our knowledge, any undergraduate or diploma holder can get the AZ-900 certification.
Q. What are the job opportunities after AZ-900 certification?
A. The world will open up for you if you get certified. There is a wide range of jobs that you can apply for after getting this certificate. For example; cloud developer, app developer, web app developer, programmer etc.

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