How to host WordPress on Google Cloud Platform

How to Host WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform?

How to Host WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform

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  • What is WordPress?
  • What is Google Cloud Platform?
  • How to Host WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform?
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No matter how big or small the company, they are all gradually moving toward cloud computing. There was a time when all business-related data and papers were kept on-site. The cloud business is now replacing that culture as a far superior option, rendering it obsolete. Many large businesses use web service providers to fulfil their computing needs. Because of how much data these businesses produce, maintaining physical copies of that data is nearly difficult.

For all of this data, there has to be someone creating something. There are millions of content creators in the world who once never had a platform to showcase their talent. Thousands of technical writers, blog writers and creative writers never had a platform to show what they were capable of. Then came WordPress, a platform that gave thousands of content creators a free and highly-secure stage to vitrine their best work. Today, after more than a decade, this platform has created many known bloggers and renowned artists who are earning millions. With this blog, we are here to discuss how to host WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform. So, let us dive into the details without wasting any time;

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) for enabling people to develop and manage websites, blogs, and online stores without having a strong understanding of coding. A user-friendly interface, a number of customizable themes, and plugins to improve functionality are all provided. Small personal blogs to large commercial websites may all be built using the adaptable WordPress framework.

It was primarily fashioned so that people from humble backgrounds could submit their blog entries, which could be related to anything. However, it soon developed into something much bigger. So that other types of web content could be published as well, such as traditional websites, mailing lists, online councils, membership websites, learning systems, and online stores. PHP is the programming tool utilized to develop WordPress, which is powered by a MySQL or MariaDB database.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform, sometimes known as GCP for short, is a web service provider for cloud computing that is housed by Google. It ranks among the most well-liked and functional platforms now accessible on the internet. You may have noticed that many Android smartphones and other devices have some sort of direct connection to GCP. Every time you click a photo and save it to your phone, Google Photos automatically saves it, making it a part of your collection permanently. That image will be protected in your cloud storage even if you remove it from your phone’s memory. Consequently, you will never in your life lose a photo or a document. 

How to Host WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform?

You can host WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To do that, you will have to comply a few steps that are mentioned below;

Make a GCP Account: Sign up for a Google Cloud Platform account at the official website in case you don’t have one already.

Set Up a VM: Make a new VM instance. Select the apt specifications for your site, like the type of machine, disk size, and operating system. If you are new at all of this and want to learn GCP and its functioning, You can join our GCP training in Chandigarh. You can engage with their facilities to sharpen your skills.

Install WordPress: After the VM procedure, install WordPress on it. There are several methods to do this but directly using WordPress would be the best option.

Make your Firewall and Networking: Ensure that your VM has the necessary firewall rules and networking configurations to allow access to your WordPress site.

Set Up a Domain: Purchase and establish a domain name if you do not have it already.

Protect your site: Make an SSL certificate to encode data transmitted to and from your WordPress site. You may utilise Let’s Encrypt or other SSL certificate providers.

Configure WordPress: Conclude the WordPress initiation, specifying the database details and setting up your site’s rudimentary settings. After all of this, you are all set to showcase your blogs and any other content you may like.

Back-Up Your Site: It is necessary to set up regular backups to prevent data loss. This will help you save your precious time, money and effort.

Optimize and Monitor: Implement performance optimizations and monitor your site’s performance to ensure it runs smoothly.


Where there is a will, there is a way. No matter how much you have struggled to become a worthy writer, WordPress has the power and the audience to make you a successful writer and artist. With WordPress and Google Cloud Platform’s assistance, you can create content and manage it yourself freely from anywhere in the world. So, start working on your dreams and create with WordPress.


Q. Can I use WordPress for content writing?

A. Yes, WordPress was primarily created for writers. However, with time, it has evolved into one of the world’s largest and most renowned Content Management Systems.

Q. What is the fee to create on WordPress?

A. Creating content on WordPress is free of cost. You can create from anywhere in the world at zero cost.

Q. Is WordPress easy to use for beginners?

A. WordPress has a simple and sober interface with which any beginner can be comfortable. Also, when you host WordPress on GCP, it becomes even better.

Q. What is the number of people that I can reach via WordPress?

A. There is a huge number of people who read WordPress blogs daily. This is why WordPress is such a huge name today.

Q. Where can I learn using GCP?

A. Hundreds of institutes are offering training courses in GCP. You can learn from there by enrolling yourself into one of these courses.

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