What is Linux Operating System

What is Linux Operating System?

What is Linux Operating System

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  • Introduction
  • What is an operating system?
  • What is Linux Operating system?
  • Differences between Linux and Windows
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


While using your laptop or personal computer, have you ever imagined, “What runs my PC?”. I have, multiple times, so I started researching different operating systems that are presently being used all around the world. There was a ton of research that came at me and there was so much that I didn’t know. Multiple operating systems are in the play right now, and I have been limited to just Microsoft Windows for the past decade. With the ever-evolving IT industry, the need for better and more secure operating systems is increasing.

For the people who think Windows is the only operating system in the world, WAKE UP! There is a world of great and maybe even better operating systems than Microsoft Windows. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Operating Systems like MacOS, Linux etc., exist in the world. Today, with this blog we will try to understand what is Linux Operating System. So, without wasting any time, let us dive in;

What is an Operating system?

The Operating system or OS is the heart and brain of a personal computer/laptop/smartphone. Without a properly functioning OS, your device would be useless. It is a package of software that help all the other parts of the PC /smartphone work flawlessly.

What is a Linux Operating system?

A distinguished source of open-source software, Linux is a well-liked substitute for a huge number of apps, from PCs to servers and rooted devices, thanks to its adaptability, trustworthiness, and scalability.

The thing that makes Linux so in-demand is the number of distros (distributions) present to utilize in the Linux OS. This is unavailable on Windows or Mac. Linux provides more malleability and retreats in its interface. As Linux is an open-source OS, any skilled developer or technician can use it for their business. Multiple hardware architectures are braced by Linux, and the open-source OS’s collaborative development methods promote public assistance and package upgrades, resulting in a system that is both stable and constantly improving. Moreover, Linux is repeatedly utilized as the OS underneath for cloud computing services and Android mobile devices. Also, if you are new to using Linux and need to learn, you can join our Linux training in Chandigarh.

Difference between Microsoft windows and Linux:

 It is an open-source systemIt is not an open-source system
 It is free to useIts price keeps changing with the newer versions
 It is more secure as there only 50-100 viruses have been detected in LinuxIt is less secure and according to a report, more than 60,000 viruses are known for windows
 A Monolithic kernel is used in LinuxA Microlithic kernel is used in Microsoft windows
 Highly efficient system for hackers and developersNot as efficient as Linux for hacking.


It may not be as old as Microsoft Windows, but Linux has created a demand for itself. The market is flooded with amazing software and a system like Linux provides a much wider scale of operations. It has proved itself while being in constant competition with systems like Mac and Windows. Both these firms are humungous in terms of market share. Even then, Linux found its footing in the market. With a variety of distros, Linux offers a lot of flexibility to the users. It is really hard to compare Linux with any other system only because of its open-source nature. This quality makes it unique and makes it stand out.


Q. What does open-source mean?

A. Open-source is a software whose source code has been made available to the public. This allows anyone to use, change, modify and distribute the code.

Q. Is Linux better for IT professionals?

A. Linux is an operating system. It doesn’t matter what profession you are from; you can use it just like you would use your windows powered laptop. It just enhances the efficiency and security of your computer.

Q. Can I learn Linux?

A. Yes, there are multiple institutes that provide training courses for Linux. You can join any one of them and begin your journey with Linux.

Q. How much time does it take to learn Linux OS?

A. It will take the same amount of time as it took you while learning to use Microsoft Windows.

Q. Is there a fee I need to pay to use Linux?

A. No, Linux is absolutely free. You can download it and use it whenever you want.

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