What are the skills required for an AWS Cloud Developer

What are the skills required for an AWS cloud developer?

Skills required for an AWS cloud developer

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Amazon Web Services or AWS has garnered a huge amount of respect for itself in the information technology industry. It was never an easy task because it was competing in a very tough market. The IT industry is filled with giants like Microsoft and Google which have been in the scene long before AWS. However, even after all this, it has managed to gain the trust of its customers remarkably. 

There are many reasons for AWS being one of the best in the business. The market has a huge demand for cloud computing service providers. Due to the rapid growth in the digitalization process, the world has started using more and more cloud services. This makes it abundantly clear that the profession of cloud developers and cloud technicians is here to stay for a very long time. We can either accept it or accept it, denying is not even an option. 

AWS is a service facilitator that provides many services to different companies. Some of them are Amazon’s competitors. Even then, their trust in AWS as a service provider has remained constant over the years. 

In the cloud technology sector, the yardstick is not just being rich and famous. The trust of your customers matters the most. And to build that trust, you need to have a team that is amazingly talented and knows what they are doing. That’s why AWS provides certificates. These certificates are based on the level of skills you have. There are currently 11 certificates that are given by AWS. These certificates are given to the candidates who clear a rigorous set of examinations.

What does the term AWS cloud developer mean?

As mentioned above, AWS is a cloud facility-providing company. It is a direct subsidiary of Amazon. The cloud computing aspect of AWS is handled by a team of developers. There is a very significant role that these cloud developers play in the whole operations of AWS. The developers are responsible for maintaining and creating cloud infrastructure for web applications of other companies.

What are the skills required to become an AWS cloud developer

There are a plethora of important skills and expertise which are required for becoming an AWS cloud developer. Some of them are mentioned below:

Know your workplace: To enter a firm as an employee, you must gain some knowledge about the organisation on your own. You can learn about the processes and functions you are supposed to perform. So, before applying for the job, you must know about some basic functions that AWS performs. Such as RDS (Relational Database Service), EC2 (Elastic Compute CLOUD), S3 (Simple Storage Service) and many others. 

Gain practical knowledge: Practice your technical skills as much as possible. Your skills might be the only thing that could get you the job. 

Coding expertise: Your whole job is going to revolve around writing codes and creating applications on the AWS system. Hence, a awarenesss of programming languages like JAVA, Python and JAVA Script is vital. And if you want to polish your skills as a programmer, there are many courses available in Chandigarh.

Application development: The whole point of Cloud development is linked with application creation and development. Hence, it becomes extremely integral for you to get hired as a cloud developer. You must gain knowledge about the latest techniques of application development such as serverless architecture and containerization. 

We have shared a small list of skills that you should work on. These will help you in your career as some of these skills and practices are essential for you if you are in the IT-related business. Your career graph will surely go upward if you dedicate a little time to these skills. Also, when it comes to technical training courses, there are many courses available in Chandigarh.


In the competitive culture of today, we cannot take the risk of being left behind. Therefore, to remain a contender for the highly valuable position as an AWS cloud developer, you should work on these skills as much as possible. Your career will either escalate or de-escalate depending upon the dedication with which you work on your practical skills.


Q. What are the chances of securing a job as an AWS cloud developer?

A. The scope of getting a job is extremely high when you are an AWS cloud developer. This is one of the most sought-after skills in the IT industry today.

Q. How long does it take to learn programming languages?

A. This depends on your level of dedication and consistency. If you study with all your heart it would hardly take a few months.

Q. What are the advantages of being an AWS cloud developer?

A. Job security, good compensation, and incredible opportunities are just a few examples of the advantages.

Q. When can I learn coding languages?

A. There is no specific age group for learning anything. Your age does not matter when you have an urge to learn something. 

Q. What to do when there is less time to study?

A. That is just a matter of convenience. You will have to make time to study and practice your skill if you want to succeed as an AWS cloud developer.

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