How to get your AWS certification

How to get your AWS certification?

How to get your AWS certification?

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  • What is AWS certification?
  • How to get your AWS certification?
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How to get your AWS certification?


There isn’t a big corporation or brand in the web and digital sector that doesn’t depend upon distributed computing, also known as cloud computing. Organizations that deal with a lot of information daily are a good example of this. One of the greatest methods to keep all this data safe and conveniently accessible is sometimes thought to be using cloud services.

Today, as opposed to building their own physical offices, the largest digital organizations in the world choose to store a significant portion of their data on a server. Big enterprises profit from employing cloud computing facilities because it allows them to concentrate more on the quality of their products and other services and less on just managing their information operations. Major corporations engage and pay significant organizations that deal with large volumes of stored data and information as well as cybersecurity to deliver a variety of web-based solutions to these well-heeled businesses.

There is a lot of data travelling seamlessly from one point/device to another. The requirement for working professionals in these fields is rising by the minute. Therefore, people need to have a certain amount of talent and qualifications to get hired for these positions. This is where the Amazon Web Service or AWS certifications prove to be of significance. In this article, we will discuss the procedure for acquiring these certifications.

What is AWS?

The abbreviation AWS, or Amazon Web Services, refers to a group of reliable cloud computing administrations that has been well-known in the market. The most sought-after cloud service provider, AWS, has been around for quite some time and has rarely let anyone down. That is why certification from such a prestigious organization matters so much in the market. 

There are several certifications that AWS is providing to IT professionals. These certifications vary from foundational to specialty level. These levels are based on the skill set and the exam score of the person. The names of these certificates are given below in a table from the lowest to the highest levels. Getting any one of these certifications can be a career-changing move for a professional. If you want to qualify for the exam process, you can join our AWS training in Chandigarh in both online and offline modes.

1AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
2AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
3AWS Certified Developer – Associate
4AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
5AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
6AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
7AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
8AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty
9AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty
10AWS Certified Security – Specialty
11AWS Certified Database – Specialty

Obtaining any one of these certificates can help a person in acquiring a prestigious job at any enterprise. Since these certificates are highly valued by everyone. They are trusted by all the big conglomerates around the world.

How to get your AWS certification?

One of the most important achievements for an IT professional would be getting one of these certificates. As discussed above, these certificates are regarded as the benchmark of excellence. Therefore, it seems obvious that there would be a rigorous exam to acquire them. Here are some steps you should follow to get certified by AWS.

Choose what you like

Out of all the certifications, choose the one you think would be the best for your future. Also, keep in mind that the certification you choose to appear for will demand a lot of time from you. 

Thoroughly go through the exam guide

This is just basic knowledge. Anyone who wants to appear for any examination will go through the exam guides. Just remember to read all the requirements carefully.

Practical knowledge is key

You need to gain a certain amount of provable practical knowledge to even appear for the exam. Therefore, to do that, you should join a small firm or a training institute which can provide you with some practical know-how.

Use specific study material

For any exam, studying is the central most important thing to do. You can find the relevant source material for these exams on AWS official website only. Do not trust any other sources because you have no idea what will be asked in the exam. Only the materials provided by AWS should be focused on.

Mock tests are important

There are several mock tests and previous test papers present on the AWS website. You must reference them before appearing for the exam.

After all the aforementioned steps are done and you feel confident enough to appear for the exam, schedule your exam. The results will be uploaded on the AWS website. No other website should be referred for any knowledge related to the exams or results. 


To get successful in the business world today, you need a certain amount of vigour in you. Everything else can wait. Your dedication and consistency will take you higher in your career. And AWS certifications will make sure to make your way to success easier than ever. 


Q. What qualifications do I need to appear for the exam?

A. A bachelor’s degree or a diploma is enough for you to appear in the exam.

Q. How much time is required to clear the exam?

A. If you think you can focus and dedicate yourself to the preparation. You can easily clear the exam after preparing for 90-140 hours. 

Q. How expensive is the study material?

A. The study material for these exams is free of cost and is available on the official AWS website.

Q. Should I join an institute to prepare?

A. It is highly advisable to join an institute. Not only to learn the theory material but to gain much more important practical knowledge.

Q. What is the scope of these certifications?

A. As mentioned above, these are the most sought-after certificates in the IT industry. The scope is endless and you can join any big IT-related company once you are certified by AWS.

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