Benefits of Cloud Computing in healthcare

Benefits of cloud computing in Healthcare

Benefits of cloud computing in Healthcare

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  • Why should we pair cloud computing with healthcare?
  • Benefits of cloud computing in Healthcare
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We have reached a point in our society where we overwhelmingly favor utilizing online sources over offline sources, having fashioned interconnected gadgets that enhance our convenience, enabling information and data to traverse the globe instantaneously. This immense data traffic is the reason why cloud computing has become so successful as a service. 

Another sector that is getting heavily hooked on to the cloud is our healthcare sector. Every new scheme from the government about healthcare gets its database from cloud services. The distribution of vaccines, life-saving medications and various other operations is possible only because of this database. Healthcare benefits from technology, and the cloud is the most in-demand technology right now. Large multi-specialty hospitals and many specified hospitals are using the cloud more and more these days. Let’s dive in and find out the benefits of cloud computing in the healthcare system.

Why should we pair cloud computing with healthcare?

Every time there is an innovation related to healthcare, there is always a backlash first. Even a scientist like Alexander Fleming was ridiculed when they introduced penicillin to the world. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without antibiotics. 

Similarly, when we talk about technology being intertwined with healthcare, we must consider cloud computing as well. Wherever there is a need for document/data storage, the cloud has to be the best option for keeping them safe and readily available at the same time. Both of these tasks can be performed in seconds using cloud technology.  With cloud computing, no patient will ever have to carry multiple heavy files and folders to their doctor’s clinic. Instead, the doctor can pull out all of his patient’s history within a second using the cloud. No hospitals would require specialized report rooms. Rather, all the information will be stored in a cloud that can be accessed on any available device. Can you imagine a hospital without files? Yes, odd, isn’t it?

Benefits of cloud computing in healthcare?

As discussed earlier, the knowledge of healthcare when paired with a technology like cloud computing can produce amazing results. From the point of view of a patient, it can relieve them from the strenuous task of keeping a record of all their medical files. From the doctor’s point of view, he can connect with all the previous doctors the patient has been in contact with. Just by opening one file on the cloud. Things would become easier than ever. Some other benefits of cloud computing in healthcare are mentioned below.

Security of patient data: There can be several instances where hospitals can lose important patient data. In an environment as tense as a hospital, imagine the chaos that would spread there. This would never happen if we introduce cloud storage systems in healthcare facilities. No files will be lost ever, and there will be no files either.

Increase in patient protection: With cloud computing playing its role, a patient will never get over or under-prescribed at any facility. The patient’s data will be easily accessible from the cloud and the healthcare specialists at each facility would know about the patient’s interactions with the previous doctor. This will prevent overdosing and overprescribing of any kind. 

Easier to scale your business with the cloud: Cloud computing systems help in scaling the business of healthcare facilities easily. The cloud can easily speculate the number of resources required to run the facility at any given time. Hence, facilities can invest with the number in their mind. This saves money as well as time for the officials in the facility.


The most vulnerable part of our society is the people who cannot take care of themselves and need serious medical treatments. Healthcare facilities can use cloud computing for identifying such cases and treat them accordingly. The introduction of cloud in the Indian medical scene would be revolutionary and we have seen that already during the vaccination drive. Over 2 billion doses have been injected and all the data from the 2 billion doses is present on the internet if you know how and what to look for.


Q. What if my data is leaked from the hospital?

A. Hacking a cloud server is next to impossible. Cloud service-providing agencies keep your data under many security encryptions. To hack your files, one would have to find the decryption keys which either only you can have or the healthcare facility can have. 

Q. How would I know if my doctor is using a cloud server?

A. It is easy if your doctor tells you to bring a bunch of files, he is not using the cloud.

Q. How much does it cost to get cloud services?

A. The charges for cloud services can vary from operation to operation. The tougher task the task, the costlier cloud gets.

Q. Why do we need so many documents to store?

A. As discussed above data is the almighty in today’s day and age. This means that keeping a patient’s data is of high value. However, this data can sometimes become so bulky that you need to put extra men to work for it.

Q. Where are we supposed to get a cloud account from?

A. it is very easy, just go on your cloud website and create your account. 

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