What is AWS certification

What is AWS certification?

What is AWS certification?

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What is AWS certification?

In the realm of the web and digital industry, there is not really any significant company or brand that doesn’t depend on distributed computing or better known as cloud computing. This is particularly evident on account of organizations that deal with a lot of information on a day to day basis. Cloud services are often considered as one of the best ways to keep all this data safe and easily accessible.

Today, large digital companies of the world decide to keep a large amount of their data on a server, instead of setting up their own actual workplaces. Cloud computing helps large firms with primarily focusing on their product quality and other services as opposed to zeroing in on overseeing information operations. The organizations that deal with large amounts of stored data and information and cybersecurity are hired by large firms and are paid hefty amounts as they provide numerous web-based solutions to these big chequed corporations.

With all this information and data drifting around on the planet, there is a colossal market for individuals who can offer these types of assistance to deal with this information. This is where AWS certifications assume a significant role. In this article we are going to explain how AWS is impacting the universe of innovation.

What is AWS?

AWS, short for Amazon Web Services, is an arrangement of solid distributed computing administrations that has gained notoriety for itself on the lookout. AWS, the most sought-after provider of cloud services, has been in the cloud business for a very long time and has never let anyone down till date. Organizations that are immediate contenders to Amazon’s services like Amazon Prime and Amazon Shopping website also additionally use AWS as their cloud specialist co-op. The explanation for this? The general unwavering quality remainder that AWS has acquired for itself by earnestly and routinely offering the best types of assistance to its clients.

The remarkable nature of AWS as a service is well-known. As a result, anything that is even remotely associated with AWS benefits from being part of this corporation . In a similar vein, the certifications that AWS offers are recognized as some of the best in the industry and work in almost every nation and continent. As of now, AWS is giving 11 certifications that reach from Foundational to Specialty certifications. The following are the certifications provided by AWS;

Foundational levelAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Associate levelAWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
AWS Certified Developer – Associate
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
professional levelAWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
Specialized levelAWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
AWS Certified Security – Specialty
AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty
AWS Certified Database – Specialty

What are the benefits of having AWS certification?

The certifications provided by Amazon Web Services are of the highest quality level for individuals in the field of distributed computing and information technology. Any individual with any of these certificates ensures an attractive compensation and a presumed vocation in any of the large and reputed organizations. Getting any of the previously mentioned certificates involves glory and is viewed as one of the most outstanding things to add to your resume as an IT professional.

The advantages of having an AWS accreditation incorporate better compensation, better propositions for employment, regard from businesses and significantly more. Additionally, because employers all over the world recognize these certifications, including them on your resume will also enhance your chances of securing a job outside of your home country.
Highly compensated recruiters frequently select holders of these certifications and offer them job security and contentment, ensuring they receive numerous benefits. As previously stated, there is an ever-increasing demand for specialists in AWS and cloud computing services. As an ever increasing number of organizations are becoming Unicorns in India and around the world, they are continually managing a mammoth measure of data and information which they need to protect at any cost, therefore, the requirement for individuals who can investigate this information with accuracy and flawlessness is likewise rising.


As the world progresses towards more and more sustainable and digital growth, the need for professionals in the cloud computing field will rise exponentially. This means that professionals in this field can benefit a lot from getting these certifications from AWS. In the coming years, you will notice that companies will stop keeping hard copies of their data in their offices. Instead, they will increasingly hire cloud service providers such as AWS to manage, store and secure their data from any kind of theft or breach.


Q. Where can I learn cloud computing?

  1. We at CloudZone provide the best in market knowledge in cloud computing and cloud services. If you wish to master the technical aspects of this business, visit our office in Chandigarh.

Q. How much time will it take to get certified by AWS?

  1. If you are a dedicated student, it will not take you 100-150 hours of practice and studying to crack the AWS certification test.

Q. What is the cost of AWS training courses?

  1. The charges differ from institute to institute. However, you must know that any knowledge in the world has a price. The higher the price, the more valuable the knowledge becomes. Read this article to know what is the cost of AWS training in Chandigarh

Q. Is cloud computing profitable?

  1. Cloud computing is the present and the future. You will see more and more companies dedicated to cloud computing services in the upcoming years.

Q. Is data analysis a part of cloud computing?

  1. Yes, data analysis and data management are both integral parts of cloud computing.

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