Google ai course

Google AI course

Google AI course

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  • What is Google AI?
  • Google AI course
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In the world, thousands or perhaps millions of software systems work nonstop to manage all the other connected systems.. One of those systems is the internet which works 24/7 just for our convenience. There is a huge amount of data that travels through all the boundaries of the world today.It disregards borders, boundaries, or its place of origin; its sole focus is the need for transfer from one location to another. The distance, time, space and any other natural or supernatural entities don’t interfere with data transfer. Also, all the technological advancements that we are going through are a direct result of this data transfer. 

Today, we will talk about another innovation that humans are running after and that is Artificial Intelligence or AI. We have heard about this tech a lot in the past 7-8 years.

Some billionaires claim that AI, despite being considered one of mankind’s greatest inventions, could become the cause of destruction on Earth. They have gone to a different level of extreme and said that the AI that looks so promising now, might end up doing all human-centric jobs and snatch all the employment from our hands. I hope nothing in this story comes out to be true, but these are well-established billionaires who work with technology day in and day out. What can I say when the richest person in the world says something like this? That is why, today we are going to talk about a topic that is deeply connected with AI. We will talk about what is Google AI and what are Google AI courses. So, let us start with the topic without wasting any time. 

What is Google AI?

As the name suggests, Google AI is an Artificial Intelligence platform developed by Google. Developers created it with the belief that it would assist future generations in gaining a better understanding of Artificial Intelligence. While working on this new technology, our scientists and researchers frequently express concerns about AI progress and its potential impact on humanity. We have seen multiple uses of AI but certain things scare us about the AI technology yet. Setting aside all of this, let’s explore where you can learn Google AI if you’re interested.

Google AI course:

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1. What are the issues with AI

Several issues with AI concern scientists and billionaires alike, such as loss of employment, loss of human effort in businesses and work, 

2. Why do people consider AI as dangerous?

Many people in the world fear AI due to the unpredictability factor it possesses.

3. When can I join the AI course?

All our courses run throughout the year. You can join any course at any time.

4. Can I join the course after the 12th class?

Yes, you can join the course but you would need a consent letter signed by your parents allowing you to join these classes.

5. Is AI making jobs disappear?

Not yet, AI is still in its nascent stages compared to other technologies in the world today. But there is a possibility of this happening soon in the future and that’s what scares the scientists the most.

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