how to switch from Windows to Linux

How to switch from Windows to Linux?

How to switch from Windows to Linux

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  • What is Linux OS?
  • How to shift from Windows to Linux OS?
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The Impact of Technology on Our Lives and Education

We cannot argue with the fact that tech has affected all our lives one way or the other. Technology has seeped its way through our lives in a way that was unimaginable a few hundred years ago. From the pyramids of Giza, it took us several centuries to build a structure that was that significant, which was the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Since then, however, constructing high-rise buildings and structures has not been a difficult task for the human race. Similarly, Linux training in Chandigarh has become accessible, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of technology education.

Advancements in Science and Technology

The same can be said about science and technology. In the past, it used to take hours to send files sized a few megabytes a few decades ago; however, now, thanks to advancements in tech, we can share gigabytes of information in a matter of seconds. This remarkable progression in the science and tech sector has opened numerous opportunities for humankind. From the first manned mission in space to the first submarine, and from the first climb to Mount Everest to the construction of the first underground tunnel system, everything mankind has achieved is a direct result of these technologies.

When Microsoft launched their first computer in the market, we couldn’t have fathomed how these devices would transform our lives in the upcoming decades.

The Rapid Rise of Technology and the Future of AI in Business

 It took us nearly three decades to reach this stage of technological advancement. But the way things are moving right now, we are not far away from inventing Artificial Intelligence robots that will take over the world of business industry. Human resources will be less important in the coming years as most of the work will be done by machines and robots. 

There was a time when Microsoft Windows was the only OS used for computing services. Since then, the world has seen several OSs that have left an outstanding impact. Systems like MacOS, Linux and Android have made the world of tech much easier for common people. However, for people like me, who have only used Windows OS their entire life, shifting from Windows to Linux can be a major problem. However today, with this blog we are going to give you an easy way out on how to shift from Windows OS to Linux OS. So, let us dive into this really interesting topic without wasting any more time.

What is Linux OS?

Just like Microsoft Windows, Linus is also a package of software that is essential for running your PC Laptop or smartphone. When we talk about our computers, we rarely talk about the OS we are working with or the system we are using the most. That is because it has been set in our brains that it would be either MacOS or Windows OS. However, in recent times, another system has garnered significant attention among both the general public and certified IT professionals. The Linux OS began to gain traction when people started experiencing data loss due to corrupt malware and unidentifiable viruses from the internet. Consequently, this highlighted the fact that the internet was not a safe place, and the Windows OS was susceptible to these threats and viruses.

Therefore, the need for a more secure and safe OS presented itself.

To take advantage of this, Apple started advertising its MacOS heavily so that it could capture the market share of Windows users. However, they could not capture the whole market. Rather, Linux presented itself as a much more viable option for the general masses. If you want to learn more about Linux OS, CloudZone offers best Linux training in Chandigarh. You can join any one of these courses and become a master at Linux.

How to shift from Windows to Linux OS?

Apple infrastructure and OS were too expensive for the common people and Linux was free when compared to MacOS. People started using Linux as an alternative to Windows and found out that they can use Linux in their everyday use as well. Just like they could use Windows. This also helped in creating a trust factor within the general public. Also, shifting from Windows to Apple was a very difficult task at that time as the technology had not developed this much. Today, we can say it is easy to shift tech, but a decade ago it was a much more complicated task.  This is how to switch from windows to Linux.

Steps to swapping windows to Linux

Here are a few steps that will help us that how to shift from Windows to Linux with ease

Preparing for Linux Installation

Get familiarised with Linux before you install the OS, learn a little more about the Linux environment and make yourself learn about the various settings and changes in the Linux format.

Selecting the Right Linux Distribution for Your Needs: Ubuntu, Fedora, or Linux Mint?

Choose the Linux distros/distribution meant for you: Just as any other OS, Linux also has many variants, namely; Ubuntu, Fedora and Linux Mint. Choose the best option by researching according to your requirements and necessities.

Essential Step: Backup Your Data Before Switching OS

The most rudimentary task before shifting to any other OS is backing up your data in a bootable device. This can include your important pictures or documents. 

Installing Linux as Your Operating System: Step-by-Step Guide

As you proceed, several instructions will appear on your screen. Be sure to follow them step by step. Furthermore, the system will detect the presence of two different types of systems and will automatically prompt you to choose one of them. In this case, opt for Linux

Installing Essential Drivers and Software in Linux: A User-Friendly Process

Linux is an open-source OS, therefore, it is always evolving. New drivers and software are constantly being invented and shared on the source code. This feature makes it one of the most flexible OS in the market. You might have to install additional drivers and software to run the OS smoothly. But don’t you worry, Linux distros usually come as a package of various drivers and software that can be easily installed with just a click.

Transfer the previously saved data

Transfer the previously saved data: After getting the setup done, use the bootable drive to access all your earlier data and backup. 

You are all set to go

After the last step, you will be free to Linux as your new OS. Take a few days to get familiarised with the whole system and Linux environment. It might seem a lot different from Windows in the start, but once you get used to it, it will become just as simple as Windows. After performing these steps one can easily switch from windows to Linux.


It is safe to say that Linux is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Windows. This software or OS is highly recommended by many IT professionals throughout the world. Also, it is open-source software, therefore, it is always up to date. Your security concerns are also taken care of when you use Linux as your OS.


Q. What is Linux?

A. As mentioned in the article above, Linux is an OS that is different from Windows or the MacOS in many ways.

Q. Is it expensive to use?

A. It is absolutely free to use. Linux is an open-source OS which means it is for the public to use.

Q. Why was Linux created?

A. Linux was created as an alternative to the Windows system, in 1991.

Q. Where can I learn Linux from?

A. Learning Linux can be really easy if you have the right guidance. In most cases it takes almost 3-4 months.

Q. Is Linux safe for my laptop?

A. Yes, Linux is safe to use in any OS. You are guaranteed to have a better experience using Linux.

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