Difference between Linux and Window

Difference between Linux and Windows

Difference between Linux and Windows

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  • What is Linux Operating System?
  • What is the difference between Microsoft Windows and Linux OS?
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When we talk about computers in general, we rarely talk about the operating systems that are presently in use all around the world. This statement alone shows how ignorant the human species is to newer inventions in science and technology. We are constantly making advancements in various techs like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These techs are consistently changing the way this world looks. Also, many of these techs are used by us in our daily lives as well. From your Siri to your Google Assistant, from the robots used in automobile industries to ones used as garbage dispensers, everything around us is evolving day by day.

It is only a matter of time before we start exploring more and more of these techs. Particularly, the OSs that are in play today. In addition to the most-used Microsoft Windows system, many other OS are becoming popular, such as Mac, Linux and Android. Yes, even your smartphones run on OSs, that is how important these packages are to the world. Today, with this blog, we will try to understand the differences between Linux OS and Microsoft Windows. But, before we dive into that debate, we need to find out what Linux OS is. So, without wasting any time, let us start with the topic;

What is Linux Operating System?

Linux is an OS that was created in the year 1991 to give direct competition to the newly launched Microsoft Windows. At that time, Linux did not gain a lot of attention from the masses. However, since the 2000’s decade, Linux started gaining popularity as the world started looking for alternatives to the existing Windows OS.

At that time, Windows had started getting a lot of virus threats as the internet also started gaining popularity. With the advancements in the Internet, security threats like document theft, identity theft and security breaches started taking place in major firms of the world. This created an urgent requirement for a safer OS. Apple’s MacOS tried to replace the Windows OS but it was too new and expensive for a lot of people in the world. Therefore, people started using Linux out of sheer helplessness. But surprisingly, they found out that Linux was an open-source software package that required nothing else but a simple download and installation procedure.

Once you get used to Linux, you’re hooked. It is one of the most secure and easy-to-use operating systems in the world. Also, if you want to learn how to use Linux to operate and conclude your daily tasks, you can join our Linux training in Chandigarh. You can easily enroll yourself in one of these courses and start learning.

Differences between Linux and Windows?

There are several differences between the two OS systems. However, the most glaring ones are mentioned below;

S. NO.LinuxWindows
 1Linux is a free of cost operating system for all of its users.Windows has always been a paid operating system since its conception.
 2Linux is an open-source operating systemWindows is completely owned and managed by Microsoft
Linux is owned by the public as its source codes have been shared in the public domain.Windows is owned by Microsoft and only the company has the right to have its original source codes.
 4Anyone with appropriate information of programming can update and repair the Linux system as it is open-source.Only Windows certified officials can work on the repair of Windows.
 5Linux is more secure as there have been only 50-100 viruses discovered in the Linux system.By an estimate in a report, there have been more than 60,000 viruses discovered that can harm a Windows system permanently.
 6Linux is a letter case-sensitive system.Windows is not case sensitive.

There are a few more differences in the operating systems and their working but we feel that these were the ones worth mentioning in this article. Also, the other alterations do not have a large impact on the working system of these OS.


While there are several OSs working all around the world. Today, Linux has created a user base for itself that trusts Linux completely. Also, it has proven to be more useful for developers and hackers because of its highly malleable nature of operations. However, for people like me, who have been using Windows all their life. It would be really hard for us to completely shift from the Windows OS to Linux OS. However, with a little effort and concentration, we can learn Linux as it is almost the same as Windows when we start using it. Also, we can use it just as we use our Windows system. Just learning some basic tips and tricks of the Linux system would be enough.


Q. Why use Linux? Why not any other OS?

A. As mentioned above in the article, Linux is one of the most secure and flexible OS in the world right now.

Q. How long will it take for me to learn Linux?

A. For many courses that we have monitored, the most common time period for a Linux programme is 3-4 months. This indicates that it is the most appropriate time for newcomers to learn Linux.

Q. Is Linux more secure than Windows?

A. Yes, in many cases, it has been noticed that the Linux system is better than Windows in securing your data and documents. Also, internet hacks and viruses are less effective on Linux.

Q. What is the cost of Linux training?

A. The most common question asked, the fee structure any technical courses can vary because of many reasons. Your locality, the locality of your institute, their experience in teaching, their success rate and many more. All these reasons can contribute in the varying of fee structures in the training courses.

Q. Is shifting from Windows to Linux beneficial for my PC?

A. It may be, as it depends on what you have been using before. In case of Windows, it can be beneficial as it is more secure, if you were using Mac, then the benefits may vary. Only because the Mac OS and Linux are almost direct competitors when to comes to the security of your data.

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