Advantages of Linux For Programming

Advantages of Linux For Programming

Advantages of Linux for programming

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  • Introduction
  • What is Linux OS?
  • What are the advantages of Linux for programming?
  • Conclusion
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Whenever there is a debate about the advancements in tech and science, we usually keep computers and their related tech on a very high pedestal. This is because we cannot imagine our lives without computers or smartphones in today’s world. The other most important tech advancement that is talked about is the Internet. Without the invention of the internet, you would not have been able to read this blog, we would not have been able to post it and our writers would not have been able to write it. 

This is how deeply the internet has penetrated our lives at this point. There is hardly any business in this world that is not using the services of the Internet. We can create a lot on the internet and it can stay on there for a lifetime. There are many other uses of the Internet that we can talk about. However, we are not here to discuss that. We are here to discuss another very important sector of the internet i.e., Programming. We use multiple apps on our smartphones and computers. But there has to be someone who creates those apps that we are consistently using, right? This is what we are here to discuss. Many app developers and programmers are now shifting from Windows to Linux. The increased number of programmers switching to Linux raises a poignant question, “Was Windows not good enough for developers and programmers?” 

This is exactly our topic for today, what are the advantages of Linux for programming? So, let us dig deep into this topic without wasting time any further. But, before learning about these advantages, we need to know briefly about the process of programming. So here we go;

What is programming?

Programming is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s world. It offers some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. The biggest tech firms use the services of programmers and developers to increase or enhance the appeal of their websites and applications. A good application that is user-friendly and easy to use is considered to be one of the best features of the whole firm. This is done by the programmers and developers. 

The process of creating commands and instructions for a computer, to make it work smoothly is called programming. This also goes without saying, that applications are also run by the same processes. This process involves several steps such as writing specific codes, testing the apps and debugging the apps if there are any. 

This is a highly advanced and technical process that requires a lot of practice and expertise in the area. Therefore, programmers are like a commodity in today’s era. Also, there are a lot of intricacies involved in the process of coding. A professional who is efficient in all the programming languages and tools is considered to be a complete package for any organisation. Different coding languages include JAVA, JAVA Script, Python, PHP etc. India is becoming one of the largest producers as well as suppliers of this service. As our youth is more attracted towards the technical fields rather than agricultural fields. We can create some of the best programmers in the world. 

What are the advantages of Linux in programming?

Linux is another interesting topic that has been creating a buzz all around the world. It is an open-source OS that is highly efficient and secure. It was created in the year 1991 to compete with Microsoft Windows. However, at that time, it could not prove itself of much use because everything Microsoft did in that era was a revolution. Nobody gave a second thought to Microsoft’s work.

But then came the era of the Internet. It exposed the shortcomings of Windows as an OS. It was easily hackable, people lost billions of dollars, companies got bankrupt and all the blame was pointed towards Microsoft’s security systems. After a long time, there came a demand for a newer and more secure OS. Apple’s MacOS or Macintosh tried to occupy this vacant space but at that time it was too expensive for the common public. This is where Linux stepped in, by providing its services free of cost and with better security systems embedded in the software, it started gaining attention from a lot of programmers and developers. If you want to learn Linux as an OS, CloudZone is the Best Linux Training Institute in Chandigarh.

The advantages of Linux in programming are listed below;

Nature of the source code: As discussed above, Linux is an open-source OS. Simply put, its source code is freely available to all programmers and software developers to view, use, modify and distribute. This helps in creating a concerted environment that allows programmers and developers to the OS to suit their specific requirements and needs.

Numerous software availability: Linux has various distributions/distros that carry a vast majority of software packages within them. This makes it easier for programmers to pick and choose from the packages they desire and want to work with.

Programmer-friendly interface: Linux was strictly developed and maintained for providing a programmer-friendly interface for budding developers. It offers a vigorous command-line interface and scripting capabilities. These features make it more efficient and seamless for programmers.

Security as a forte: The Linux OS is much better t securing your data and information than many other OS. As discussed earlier, it has a user base of highly efficient programmers from all around the world. If any of them finds a bug or a virus in the OS, they can modify it from their end and post an updated version for other users to utilize. This is the beauty of collaborating with thousands of programmers throughout the world. 

Compatibility with various platforms: Linux, being one of the most trusted OS in the market, has garnered the support of various other platforms where programming is easily performed. This makes it an even better substitute for Windows as this makes the deployment of numerous apps much easier.


Windows might have been the biggest player in the OS world, but it is certainly getting a lot of competition nowadays. There weren’t many OSs that could compete with Windows a decade ago. But with the rise of threats and viruses on the Internet, Linux is proving to be a great alternative. 


Q. Where can I learn Linux from?

A. Several institutes offer courses related to Linux. You can enrol in any one of them you deem appropriate for your requirements.

Q. Is Linux better than Windows in security?

A. Linux is proving to be a much better OS in terms of security. 

Q. Is Linux helpful for businesses as well?

A. Linux can be useful for anyone who knows how to use it. You can replace your Windows with Linux with a few very easy steps.

Q. Can I change my Windows 7 to Linux?

A. Any version of Windows can be switched to Linux. It has been proven that Linux has beaten all the latest updates of Windows in performance and stability standards.

Q. How much does it cost to use Linux?

A. Linux is a free-of-cost OS that gives a lot more freedom to its users.

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