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Transform with DevOps certification
DevOps Training in Chandigarh

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DevOps Training in Chandigarh

Carry your DevOps concepts with outstanding Knowledge & Expertise !

Transform into a DevOps master with our student-focused training program. Our immersive curriculum, led by industry experts, will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the fast-paced world of DevOps. Join us today to take the first step towards becoming a sought-after DevOps professional.

DevOps is no longer just a buzzword, it has become indispensable !

DevOps is essential in modern software development as it fosters collaboration and communication between development and operations teams, enables continuous delivery and deployment of software, ensures faster time to market, improves software quality, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Master the tools & technologies Complemented by DevOps !

Tools backed by DevOps :

  • Version Control system , GIT by Microsoft
  • Jenkins by CloudBees
  • Docker by Docker Inc.
  • Kubernetes by Google Cloud
  • Ansible by RedHat
  • Puppet by Perforce
  • Vagrant by HashiCorp
  • Nagios by Nagios Enterprises

Technologies Complimenting with DevOps :

Windows Server X Devops

Delivery with Azure DevOps and Continuous Integration Infrastructure as Code with Configuration of PowerShell Desired State Management of Automated Configuration via Chef and Puppet Containerization with the Docker tool at Windows Server Monitoring and Logging with Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Linux X Devops

Management of Configuration via Ansible Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes Continuous Integration and Delivery with Jenkins Infrastructure as Code with Terraform Monitoring and Logging with tools like Nagios and ELK Stack.

AWS X Devops

Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation Continuous Integration and Delivery with AWS CodePipeline Containerization with AWS ECS and EKS Monitoring and Logging with AWS CloudWatch and CloudTrail Automation and Orchestration with AWS Lambda and Step Functions.

Why Choose CBitss ?

DevOps training in Chandigarh
  • We train you as industry requirements and validation
  • Our certifications are globally recognized
  • We focus on hands-on learning experience
  • We customize your course as per your goal
  • You learn on real-time machines not on mocks
  • Interview Preparation through mock interview sessions
  • Quality audit like Wemp & Workshops
  • You learn from industry experts & professionals

Our achievements :

  • ISO Certified Company.
  • India´s First ATP for SCRUM & AGILE Training
  • Technical Consultant of Arni University
  • Technical Consultant of Dev Bhumi College
  • Setup COE with HITM College
  • Conducted various FDP in colleges & Universities
  • Google Adwords Certified Company
  • Our own Dedicated Servers
  • Expert in open source migration
  • 10+ years experienced Team in LINUX
  • Manage servers carrying 10 million traffic a day
  • Redhat Certified Team
  • Microsoft Certified Team
  • Sun Certified Team
  • Cisco Certified Team
  • Trained more than 50,000 IT professionals
  • Our Branches are in Himachal, Jammu & Chandigarh

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DevOps training in Chandigarh

Rated 5/5 based on 3633 reviews

DevOps training in Chandigarh
Rated: 5 / 5 based on 6939 Students reviews
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Product description: DevOps training in Chandigarh are provided by CBitss Institute where you can earn DevOps certification after DevOps course with Live classes in Chandigarh.

Cloudzone Students Review

DevOps training in Chandigarh
Dec 08, 2022
5/5 stars
I had heard a lot about devops and It quickly caught my interest. My quest to pursue DevOps training in Chandigarh ended up at Cloudzone. My learning and their expert guidance was comprehensive and easy to grasp.


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