What is the fee for Amazon AWS course

What is the fee for Amazon AWS course?

What is the fee for Amazon AWS course?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why is Amazon AWS superior to Google Cloud Platform?
  3. Reasons Why You Should Study AWS
    • Possibilities for Employment
    • Stability and dependability
    • Unlocking the potential for new experiences
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What is the fee for Amazon AWS course – One of the most important choices is to become AWS certified. Since it validates an individual’s claim to possess competence and expertise through accepted credentials, it boosts credibility for newcomers and seasoned pros. AWS, short for Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing platform that aids customers in developing cloud-based applications.
Knowing how much your AWS professional certification will set you back is crucial before you start studying for it, but different sites give varying prices. Costing roughly $100, the Cloud Practitioner certification is more affordable than the Associate and Professional levels, which run $150 and $300, respectively. Here are talking about prices in India. In that case, the AWS cloud practitioner certification will set you back about 6888 INR, the AWS associate test will run you about 10330 INR, and the AWS professional certification will set you back about 20700 INR.

Why is Amazon AWS superior to Google Cloud Platform?

Compared to GCP, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers many more services. The range and depth of AWS’s service offerings are impressive. These separate offerings work together seamlessly to form a comprehensive cloud service.

Reasons Why You Should Study AWS

Since AWS is a vital service, working in this field opens up vast employment possibilities. Because of this, a lot of people can study AWS. In addition to this, there are more things to consider, such as:
• Possibilities for Employment
If you’re in a technical field, you undoubtedly spend much time pouring into the nitty-gritty of cloud computing and attempting to stay abreast of emerging trends. The good news is that advancement opportunities, whether inside your current career or in another one, are close at hand. Obtaining knowledge about AWS will provide you with numerous employment options.
• Stability and dependability
Regarding cloud services, AWS is your best bet for dependability and consistency. Its pay-as-you-go model and readily available cloud computing credits allow users to quickly and easily create and administer their websites. AWS’s reliability is a major selling factor. This is possible because of the widespread use of offsite server backups. If you want to build a stable app on AWS, you need to familiarise yourself with the service’s various consistency models.
• Unlocking the potential for new experiences
Experts in Amazon Web Services are in high demand in the labor market. This allows you to pick and select the fields in which you engage in professional activity. Certification can take you to heights you never dreamed of reaching. The AWS market is expanding, so you never know what exciting new firms will ask you to help them move their cutting-edge product to the cloud.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) constantly supplying capabilities and customer value makes it a formidable competitor among cloud computing providers. AWS has the resources and potential to keep the market alive through continued innovation, technological development, growth, and expansion. Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to look for new tech and ways to implement it into its offerings.


Exactly what is it about working in the AWS cloud that has piqued my interest?
AWS certification training is a smart decision for anyone interested in furthering their career in the cloud computing industry. Opportunities are plentiful, and there are numerous entry points into the IT workforce with the knowledge you will acquire.
Is AWS a viable field of work?
There’s no doubt that working with AWS is a promising profession. AWS offers lucrative pay and various exciting career paths, such as cloud architect, cloud developer, cloud engineer, cloud network engineer, and many more.

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