What is the Android studio

 What is the Android studio?

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We live in the era of technology and operating systems. Multiple systems are currently playing their role in the advancement of further technologies. Systems such as Windows, MacOS and Google’s Android are a few examples. These all fall into the category of reliable operating systems that have been in use for decades now. We can safely say that our lives are currently revolving around these very operating systems. Each operating system has hundreds of apps that are making your lives more comfortable even while reading this article. You can order food, clothes, shoes, groceries, soft drinks, ice creams, sweet dishes, and so much more sitting comfortably on your couch. That is how much technology has changed our lives. Our parents would have never even dreamt of such a world that we today are experiencing. All of this is possible only with the help of the internet and its other resources. 

We as a civilisation have created marvels, one of which is the internet. Using it gives us the immense power of doing anything without even moving out of our chairs. Today, we are going to discuss what Android Studio is and why it is getting so popular. So, let us start without wasting any time.

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is an interface developed by Google. It is an official IDE i.e., Integrated Development Environment that helps its users in developing various Android applications. All of the apps that we are using today, all the apps and many more such apps can be developed using this IDE.

It is an amazing software tool designed in such a way that it allows all the steps of developing an app to look way easier than on other platforms. Steps which include developing, coding, testing and debugging, all are done accurately on this platform. Developers are largely leaning over this platform to design Android-specific applications. This is because the platform is itself developed by Google which in turn owns the Android operating system. This automatically makes it a safer and more comprehensive option for Android developers. And, if you are interested in the app development field, you can join our Android studio Training in Chandigarh and start your journey towards becoming an Android App developer. 

Here are a few characteristic features of Android Studio:

1. Code Editor: As expected, one of the most advanced Code analysers and editors is provided by Android Studio. With features like code completion and real-time error checking, it is one of the best Code editors present in the market today.

2. Layout Editor: For any app to become a customer favourite, its layout has to be amazing. Studio’s Layout editor works amazingly and creates the best UI for the users. 

3. Debugger: Developers know that debugging is one of the most difficult and repetitive steps. Studio makes it much easier for the developer. 

4. Emulator and Device Testing: There are many tools and emulators present in the Android studio platform that help the developer in testing the app on virtual Android devices. 

5. Version Control: Android developers can easily track and recheck their code for any changes that could have taken place. 


Android Studio has combined the qualities of all the other platforms into one extremely versatile platform, regardless of how many developing interfaces have been developed to date.


Q. Can this course help me get a job?

Almost all companies want to have an Android app, but most of them are still hiring Android Studio developers. 

Q. What is the duration of the course?

There are multiple courses in the academy on Android, therefore, you can choose any of them according to your convenience.

Q. What is the scope of this field?

The scope of Android App Development is vast and endless. Therefore android is not going to stop producing apps for our phones and this field is going to be in demand for a long time.

Q. Is the course really expensive?

No, our courses are highly affordable for all fields. 

Q. Can I study this course online?

Yes, of course we offer all our courses both online and offline.

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