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Basic Concepts of Linux Operating System - Benefits of Linux OS

Posted on February 10, 2020 by Author

You must have a Basic Understanding of Computer Operating System before you dive-in learning Linux. In today's world, Linux certification provides you with the opportunity to work on real-time projects and master hands-on. It also helps you achieve a brief understanding of the concepts and their applications. Hands-on practice and lab sessions that aid you to clarify your concepts in the field of application. I have written this article specifically for those who are beginners. Those who want to make their way in the Linux learning procedure and do the best in today's IT organizations. This tutorial Basic Concepts of Linux Operating System is composed according to the interests of the industrial scene with full access to Linux, which will assist you to make Linux a great achievement.

What is an Operating System?

Every time you turn on your computer, you see a screen where you can do many tasks, such as typing, searching for something on the Internet, or watching videos.

Well, it is the operating system or kernel that performs this job. It is a program at the heart of any OS that takes care of basic things, such as allowing hardware to communicate with software.

Therefore, to work on your computer, operating system (OS) is required. In fact, you are using one as soon as you read it on your computer. Now, you may have adopted common OS like Windows, Apple OS X, but here we will get to know what Linux is? What are the advantages it offers over other OS options?

What is Linux?

Linux is the most used open-source operating system for all devices like Mobile, Computer, Laptop etc. It is issued under an open-source license.

Who Invented Linux?

Linux is an operating system or kernel that develops as an idea in the mind of young and bright Linus Torvalds when he was a computer science student. He worked on UNIX OS (A proprietary software) and thought it needed improvement.

Why use Linux Software?

Our Computer is normally bundled with Desktop OS. Most of the times we question ourselves, why we need to change the operating system. Those who are interested in learning a new operating system will rarely ask what Linux is.

Although, it is not always clear how much precious time is wasted in the process of battling overall OS problems. This process includes malicious software such as viruses, regular OS crash and expensive repairs. Don’t forget that maximum operating systems also charge a license fee.

Possibly your existing choice of OS is not working properly. If you just hate the regular expensive maintenance of your Operating System, you need to think about Linux Quickly. There is no fee to use Linux and essentially Linux Is The Most Reliable Operating System For Desktop Computers.

Linux - A very Reliable Operating System

Due to the open-source, the collaborative environment of Linux is really no charge to try Linux. You can install the OS free on an endless number of computers, without paying anything towards the license. This is the case for server versions and desktop versions of many Linux distributions.

In opposition, many Linux distributions are totally free. In addition, its an open-source server software, allowing you to visit the web page without giving a fee for the license.

Linux Operating System: Great Where Reliability Counts

It is too simple to explain that Linux software does life more comfortable for system administrators because Linux is more secure. This shows that you are not needed to watch your server nearly every day, you can add on it without any problems. Also, the way Linux is organised, you can often continue individual services without touching the entire Linux OS.

By definition, an operating system is a device that you should be able to keep faith in. Linux brings can be game-changing for you if the cost factor is not the biggest thing for you. Wondering what is the Biggest Benefit Of The Linux Operating System? Well, its inherent authenticity and general immunity to viruses, malicious software and other random operating systems is probably the Biggest Reason For Adopting Linux.

Server reboots are a particular problem for sysadmins and Linux, due to its security, provides sysadmins to avoid large-scale reboots until the kernel is updated. In fact, several Linux servers can run for years, never reboot and see sysadmin This will often be an indication of Linux's reliability.

Benefits of Linux Operating System

Linux now increases popularity in its Prime and is well-known among programmers as well as frequent computer users around the world. Its main benefits are:

  • It provides a free operating system. You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get an OS like Windows!
  • The Linux Operating System now proposes millions of programs/applications to choose from, most of which are free!
  • Once you install Linux you don't need antivirus! Linux is a highly protected system. And more, there is a global development community that regularly looks for ways to increase its security.
  • Linux is a choice to the OS for server environments due to its stability and reliability (mega-companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google apply Linux for their servers). Linux based servers can last for years on top without a reboot.

Users, who are fresh to Linux, generally consider it to be a difficult and technical OS to operate incorrectly, but to describe the truth, the Linux operating system over the past few years compared to its counterparts Windows has become a lot more user-friendly, so trying them out is the best way to know if Linux suits you.

There are Thousands of Linux Based Operating Systems; Most of them offer state-of-the-art security and applications, all for free!

This is what Linux is all about, and now How Do We Install Linux and which distribution should you choose. CBitss Technologies Providing you Linux Training in Chandigarh and Redhat Certified Training Organization.

Asked to Learn Unix? Then why Linux?

UNIX is also known as the mother of the operating system that laid the foundation for Linux. Unix is originally designed for mainframes and is in enterprises and universities. While Linux is fast growing a household name for computer users, developers and server environments. You may have to pay for the Unix kernel if it is free in Linux.

But, the commands used on both operating systems are normally similar. Although they may look different, basically, they are basically the same. Since Linux is a clone of Unix. Therefore learning one is related to learning another.

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