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AWS vs Azure vs Google The Definitive Comparison Guide

Posted on March 09, 2021 by Author

“94% of the worldwide workloads will run in the cloud environment by 2021,” according to Cisco's prediction.


While Cloud computing has traveled a long way since its early beginnings, things moved at a breakneck speed in the past few years. Due to the worldwide success of cloud computing, businesses no longer have to think about whether to opt for cloud computing or not.

Nowadays, the only question that pops up in the mind is regarding the choice of cloud platforms. Though there are a host of cloud service providers, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are dominating the cloud market. They provide the safest, reliable, and flexible cloud services.

But how to know which one is better than the other?

Well, this piece of information will be highly beneficial if you want to conclude the big AWS vs. Azure vs. Google debate. Let’s dive right in and know how to decide which one to choose.

Difference between AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

In the global cloud market, AWS enjoys the reputation of holding 32% of the worldwide cloud market share. Second-ranked Microsoft Azure holds 19% share, and lastly, Google Cloud Platform holds 18% share.

There are various factors that one ought to consider before deciding on which cloud company is the winner of this virtualized environment battle.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s capabilities are exceptional because of the skyrocketing growth of its huge toolset. Rather than a hybrid or private cloud, it focuses on the public cloud. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that AWS’s top priority isn’t interoperating with your data center. Besides, its cost structure may seem highly confusing. Due to its high market share, the demand for AWS training in Chandigarh is increasing rapidly.

Microsoft Azure

In the war for cloud supremacy, Microsoft Azure holds a significant position because it is a close competitor to Amazon Web services. For enterprise customers, Azure could be the preference because it speaks their language. Azure aims at interoperating with data centers, which means that hybrid cloud is the true strength.

Google Cloud

Though Google entered the battle for cloud dominance later, it is still a well-funded underdog in the competition. Till now, it fails to have the enterprise focus that helps draw corporate users. However, when it comes to technical expertise and industry-leading tools, it surely gains an edge over others. It is due to the fact that machine learning, AI, and data analytics need such tools to ease the work.


Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology changing people’s lives by leaps and bounds. The battle for cloud dominance has become a hot-button topic worldwide. The above guide takes an in-depth look at AWS, Azure, and GCP to provide you a detailed comparative analysis. Certification-oriented Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh increases one’s chances of getting jobs in multinational companies.

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