aws course for beginners

AWS Course for beginners

AWS course for beginners

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  • Introduction
  • What are Amazon Web Services (AWS)?
  • AWS course for beginners
  • Conclusion
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Exploring the Connection Between Humans and Technology

There has always been a connection between humans and technology. Whatever problems we’ve had in the past, we have either used existing technologies or invented new technologies to tackle them. No matter how big the problem is, we always find a solution for it by using technology. For example, sending a letter to a loved one was a painstaking task as you had to wait for days and sometimes weeks. But today, with technology, we have an easier way, just type the letter and press the send button. The problem was solved and today it takes just seconds to deliver the largest of files and messages.

The Evolution of Problem Solving Through Technology

The newest technologies of today include the internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence and many more. Some people may argue that the internet is also a very negative and unsafe place to be on. But my point is, any place or site can become dangerous. It is up to you, how you use it, and how you want it to work for you.

The Rise of Cloud Technology

On the internet, everybody has a choice. It is always up to you what you choose to do with the power of the internet. In the era of the internet, we are constantly surrounded by data. This flow of data is so huge that it cannot be comprehended. We can only assume a number and allocate it to the amount of data consumed. But these will only be mere estimates. As the amount of data was so huge, it was getting nearly impossible for big firms to keep all of their data stored in one place. Therefore, a new technology was invented and it was named Cloud Technology. It is today one of the most sought-after web services in the entire world. As the number of customers is growing rapidly, so is the demand for these web services.

Navigating the Cloud Computing Landscape: AWS, Azure, GCP, and More

There are a few big names in the cloud computing industry such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). All these firms are at the top of this industry and are providing web solutions to a million other firms.

Today, with this blog we will try to discuss the best AWS course for beginners. The best company to work for in the cloud industry, and how to get their certifications. So, let us start this blog without wasting any more time.

What are AWS?

The abbreviation AWS, or Amazon Web Services, refers to a group of reliable distributed computing administrations that has been well-known in the search. The most sought-after cloud service provider, AWS, has been around for a very long time and has never let anyone down. Companies that directly compete with Amazon’s services, like Amazon Prime and the Amazon Shopping website, also utilize AWS as their cloud specialist cooperative. What is the cause of this? The overall unshakable quality foundation that AWS has built for itself by consistently providing the greatest kinds of help to its customers.

There is a reason why AWS is sitting at the top of the list for web service providers. Learn AWS training in Chandigarh. There is a huge demand in the market for web services and demand brings supply, as we all know. AWS has developed a huge number of data centres and servers all over the world which directly help in the proper functioning and distribution of its services.

The best AWS course for beginners:

To become a successful AWS expert from a beginner, one needs to be in sync with all the services provided by AWS. Additionally, there are several certifications awarded by AWS itself that can make or break a young developer’s career.”Having one of these certificates can do wonders for a budding developer. However, these certifications are not that easy to acquire. There are rigorous tests that the company conducts itself. To pass those tests, a candidate has to prepare and practice, both on the same priority list. These tests determine whether you will be able to receive your desired certification or not. You can attempt the test multiple times, but a resolute student would always want to clear the exam on his/her first attempt.

Many institutes in Chandigarh offer training courses for these tests. With the specialization of all tests, many institutes are producing amazing results with students. The courses last for at least 3-4 months at a stretch and require complete attention during classes. They have both teaching modes i.e., online as well as offline. This makes it easier for students to study in the comfort of their homes.


AWS is a prestigious organization and having one of its certifications can open many doors for a student/professional in the IT industry. This is a proven fact that the requirement for IT professionals is increasing day by day. In this scenario, when you are a certified AWS professional, the opportunities that open up for you are limitless.


Q. How much does it cost for an AWS course for beginners?

A. The cost of the course for beginners can vary depending upon the duration, quality and location of the institute.

Q. How long does it take to get AWS certification?

A. If you are dedicated enough, it should not take you more than 4-5 months of preparation.

Q. What is the scope of AWS in India?

A. India is a huge market and the demand for IT experts is ever-increasing. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter which IT field you specialize in, the scope of growth is amazing.

Q. What sort of job can I get after my AWS certification?

A. Furthermore, the nature of the job will depend on the level of expertise and the subject of your certification. For example, if you have a certification as a Web Developer, you will likely be assigned a job as a web app developer.

Q. What is the best time to start preparing for AWS certification?

A. There is not a single answer for this. Whenever you want to get into the IT industry, you should start preparing for the tests.

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